By Choosing the Strength of Porcelain Slab, GTA Homeowners Get the Best of Beauty, Durabilty, and Value

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For centuries, craftsmen have seen the beauty and strength of porcelain slab. GTA homeowners can tap in too. Read on to discover more.
The word porcelain evokes a variety of responses, but almost always the chief one is that of beauty and delicacy. Figurines, intricate artistic pieces, and delicate-yet-functional utensils are often pictured. There’s a very good reason for that. Throughout the centuries, porcelain has been used to add class and beauty to homes and spaces around the world. It is available in a virtually unlimited number of colours and styles, can be made to match just about any decor scheme imaginable, and lends an enviable beauty to whatever room it’s added to. But did you know that in addition to all that gorgeous lustre and timeless elegance, incredible strength and durability can be added to the list of benefits to working with porcelain slab? GTA homes that have discovered the versatility and resilience of porcelain tile get the absolute best of both worlds.

Tough and Impermeable

Whether you’re looking to install porcelain wall tile or new porcelain flooring, there’s a variety and grade that’s right for you. Virtually impermeable to moisture, porcelain floor tiles leave nowhere for bacteria to form, let alone grow, keeping your space as sanitary as it is beautiful. Because of its considerable toughness, there’s also almost no chance that everyday wear and tear will have any significant impact on your flooring investment. Heavy traffic areas are no match for incredibly tough tiling, and that’s peace of mind that will carry you through from the beginning of your renovation project to decades after its completion.

Value and Strength

When you’re planning a kitchen-renovation or bathroom-remodelling project, you likely have a few things at the top of your mind. First, you want to make a noticeable improvement in your space. There’s no point in tackling a project like this if you’re going to end up with essentially the same room as when you started. Second, you only want to do this once. Redoing your home, regardless of the specifics, is a big, inconvenient and often expensive job. It is not the kind of thing that you want to be looking at repeating in just a few years’ time. Finally, you want to get something out of your investment. With all the time and energy you’re putting in, wouldn’t it be nice if your home was specifically and tangibly improved, not only aesthetically but also financially, as a result? Of course it would. Well, there’s good news in store for you. By working with porcelain flooring, or by installing porcelain enamel tiles on your walls, you’re ticking all the boxes. The beauty of porcelain will leave you smiling every time you look at your new space, the durability and strength of this remarkable material will keep your new room in tip-top shape for years to come, and the combination of the two will inevitably lead to an increase in the value of your home, bringing you an impressive return on your investment.
Whether you’re specifically looking at porcelain tile counters or installing porcelain enamel bathroom fixtures, your first stop in any kitchen-remodelling project or bathroom-renovation job should be a local retailer of porcelain slab. GTA renovation experts and homeowners have reaped the benefits of this strong, beautiful material for years. Now it’s your turn.